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We are launching our unique and state of the art mobile application to uplift the technological influence in the segment and enhance the quality standards. We offer a holistic range of laundry solutions ranging from Washing to Ironing and our vendors also provide commercial laundry services. We cater to all kinds of materials and stains making the go-to destination for your cleaning needs.

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Our Features


Creaseart mobile app is available in both Google Play and Apple Store. It can be downloaded directly through our website or the web store. The application is relatively smaller in size, and it can be installed in less than two minutes. Consumers can log in through their Google account or create an account to stay connected with the latest trends and deals.


This fundamental aspect of the application is developed with an efficient algorithm to identify the ideal partner. The search can be conducted on the basis of the location, service required, package, rating and other particular criteria. The system displays the list of options based on the selection. These results can be further sorted based on the preferred criteria.


The customer can then know more about the company by browsing through the description. The rating system helps the consumers to validate the credibility of the company. They can also read the reviews given the other customers before making the final decision.


They can connect with the laundry service provider through the contact us icon. The client can fill in their requirements and share it with the preferred vendors to complete the process.


We encourage our consumer to share their experience with us. This will assist our application to rate the company and also serve as a scrutiny system. The companies offering quality services are segregated and offered special priority in the search results.

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